Matt's Priorities

Stopping Brexit

I’m a passionate Remainer and will fight Brexit at every stage. Chelsea & Fulham voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU and the Conservative’s cannot be allowed to force their broken Brexit onto Britain without giving us the final say.

Reverse cuts

Tory austerity has cut our police, nurses, doctors and teachers. Councils are held back from delivering housing, community facilities and youth services. Together, we must take action before it is too late.

Go green and fight the Heathrow third runway

Our planet is facing a climate emergency. We must strongly oppose Conservative plans for a third runway at Heathrow and act now to deliver the transformational changes that are needed to stop climate change, reverse biodiversity decline and reduce carbon emissions.

Why I’m standing

I’m Matt Uberoi, the Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Chelsea & Fulham. For all my adult life I have lived in Chelsea & Fulham, and it is my home. Conservative cuts impact the local services that families – including mine – use every day.  As a passionate Remainer, I am horrified at Tory MP Greg Hands’ support for a hard Brexit.

Only Labour can beat the Tories in Chelsea & Fulham

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I live and breathe the local community. Having been elected as a Labour councillor in Fulham last year, I represent the 15,000 residents in Sands End, where I am leading on projects such as the building and delivery of the new Community Centre and Youth Club. I sit on the Management Committee of the local Law Centre and am a Trustee of a local grant making body for those with low incomes.  In my day job, I am a community worker, where I am based on the World’s End estate. 

Austerity is the root cause of so many problems and I am passionate about tackling the multitude of issues that people are experiencing in Chelsea & Fulham – I spend all my time, at work and as a volunteer, trying to help solve these problems.  In addition, I am determined to fight against the disastrous Brexit that this Tory Government is pursuing.  Brexit will have a hugely detrimental impact on local services, in particular the NHS; it will damage the economy and has huge implications for Northern Ireland. Thousands of our friends, neighbours and colleagues living in this area who moved to the UK from across the EU to work are being treated appalling by this Conservative Government. I want us to stay in the EU – I’m campaigning for a confirmatory referendum and, in that referendum, I will campaign to Remain.

The cruel and unnecessary Conservative cuts are tearing our community apart.  I want to be your MP to help create a community which benefits the many not the few. As your MP, I will fight for us to remain in the EU. Tory Greg Hands MP is a hard Brexiteer and an architect of austerity. Chelsea & Fulham deserves better and as the Labour candidate, I am the only person who can beat him. 

Join my campaign and whenever the election comes, let’s work together to transform our community and our country.

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