Matt Uberoi was selected as Labour’s candidate in Chelsea and Fulham by local party membersMatt is a highly committed Labour councillor in Fulham and community worker in Chelsea. 

His parents migrated to the UK in the 1950’s – his mum from Ireland and dad from India. Matt grew up in London and has lived in Chelsea & Fulham all his adult life. He has been a season ticket holder at Chelsea Football Club for 23 years and knows the area inside out. He met his wife in the constituency and his little girl was born in the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.  

When Matt was 21, and a student at university, he was an intern at an investment bank. He made a big mistake which resulted in him being found guilty of insider dealing and, as a consequence, he spent three-months in prison.  This had a profound and lasting impact on him.  In prison, bad things happen to vulnerable people. He realised that the outside world is not that dissimilar, the experience resulted in him becoming a passionate advocate for equality and fairness.  Seeing the newly elected Tory/Lib Dem coalition government enthusiastically implementing its austerity agenda, with its huge cuts to funding for essential services, was what motivated Matt to join the Labour Party.  He could see that these cuts would impact most those who had the least, people who had nothing to do with the global banking crisis, and he knew how unjust this was.  His conviction is now ‘spent’ meaning its wiped from your record.  However, Matt has always been open about his past (his wife says it’s one of the first things he told her about himself), he wrote this blog before being elected as a Labour Councillor in Fulham about being in prison. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that Matt lives and breathes the local community. His work as a community worker in Chelsea sees him engage with thousands of residents and third sector organisations across Chelsea and Fulham. In his spare time, he sits on the Management Committee of the Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre overseeing solicitors that provide free legal advice on housing, immigration and family matters. He is also Trustee of Dr Edwards & Bishop Kings, supporting the Fulham charity to provide grants to families on low incomes in the constituency.  He has significant experience of campaigning – he campaigned to remain in the EU and is committed to working to secure a People’s Vote on Brexit. He was part of the campaign to Save Charing Cross Hospital from closure. 

There is a perception that Chelsea & Fulham is universally wealthy, however alongside the wealthiest, there are areas in the constituency that are in the top 10% of most deprived neighbourhoods in the country.  Matt works hard every day, both at work and as a volunteer, to increase opportunities and tackle the multitude of problems people are experiencing day across our community. 

His election in 2018 as a Labour Councillor in Sands End – an area held by Conservatives for 17 years – means that he represents 15,000 residents in Fulham who he assists with a huge variety of casework. Tory cuts impact the local services we all use every day – our hospitals, our schools, our local community services, our police.  Matt has helped with so many of these issues through his council work – securing school places for children, housing support for families, CCTV cameras to help tackle crime, health and social care for the elderly and vulnerable.  

He serves as Vice Chair of Hammersmith & Fulham’s Planning Committee, focussing on securing the highest amount of affordable housing and community benefits with each application (including securing £3.5m for a new Youth Club in Fulham). He also sits on the borough’s Licensing Committee.

As well as tackling the issues caused by austerity, Matt’s other campaign focus is to secure a People’s Vote on Brexit. He campaigned passionately to Remain in the 2016 European Referendum and is committed to the final decision being handed back to the people –  it is abundantly clear what was promised in the last referendum cannot be delivered and any form of Brexit cannot improve on the deal we currently have with the EU.  Matt wants his baby daughter, and everyone else’s children, to have the opportunity to grow up as Londoners, as British and as European citizens, living in an outward looking, prosperous and tolerant country.  

Matt meets people every day from across the community who feel that there is no one fighting their corner, no one representing their views – Matt will be that effective voice and representative MP in parliament for everyone who lives in Chelsea & Fulham. 

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