Matt will fight for a People’s Vote and will campaign to remain in the EU.

In the 2016 European Referendum, Chelsea & Fulham voted overwhelmingly to Remain. Voters in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham voted Remain by 70 per cent. Similarly, voters in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea voted Remain by 69 per cent.

Brexit is the biggest and most long-lasting change facing our country. At this crucial time, it is vitally important that our MP in Chelsea & Fulham properly represents the views and needs of constituents. We deserve a passionate Remainer, who fights to stop Brexit and supports a People’s Vote.

Instead, we have Greg Hands MP, who is supporting Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit plans, the complete opposite of what the vast majority of constituents want.  Despite claiming to support Remain in 2016, Greg Hands MP has abandoned those ‘beliefs’ and publicly states that “we need to put the EU Referendum behind us… it’s time to get on with [Brexit]”.  He voted against the emergency Brexit debate to stop parliament being able to vote to prevent a no-deal Brexit. Only when pushed to do so by constituents, did he finally break his silence on Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament, and said that it was a normal thing to do. 

How does it ensure public confidence in our democratic system when the elected representative for Chelsea & Fulham stops fighting for the best interests of the people who live here?

Some observers in Chelsea & Fulham may be surprised at the sheer brazenness of this; but in Sands End in Fulham very few are surprised:

  • Greg Hands said he campaigned hard to prevent the Super Sewer from being dug in Sands End; but then waved through the very act of parliament that enabled the disruption we see today.
  • Greg Hands said he supports good local schools; but remained silent when the previous Conservative administration planned to close the fantastic Sulivan School in Sands End.
  • Greg Hands holds meetings about crime in Fulham, conveniently forgetting to mention his role in police cuts as Chief Secretary to the Treasury—which led to less centrally funded police in Fulham and the closure of Fulham Police Station – both of which have severely impacted residents in Chelsea & Fulham.

However, now his behaviour is being seen on the national stage when it comes to Brexit, at the expense of his residents, both British and European.

I campaigned passionately to Remain in the run up to the EU Referendum, along with all my local Labour colleagues and councillors across Hammersmith & Fulham Labour. Do you now hear us say “We need to put the EU referendum behind us… it’s time to get on with it”? No, you do not.

Because we know what the impact on our constituents would be. We know they expect their elected representatives to stand up for them in the face of this shambolic Government’s attempts to force through a Brexit no one voted for. We know they expect us to stand up for our thousands of European neighbours and friends who live and work in Chelsea & Fulham.

We look for every and any possible way to prevent Brexit happening because we will never stop fighting for the interests of our residents.

That is why we were the first council to formally call for there to be a vote on the final terms, including the option to remain – a last chance to stop irreversible harm to our country, our economy and our communities.

We do this because, when we campaigned for Remain, we actually believed it.  And especially because of everything that has happened since the EU Referendum.  This is so important, the new facts that have come to light about the costs and complexity of Brexit that voters did not know three years ago. The broken promises made by politicians about Brexit, such as more money for our NHS: instead we face more cuts, hospitals in crisis and key staff shortages as people leave and go to work elsewhere in Europe.

Greg Hands and his Conservative colleagues in Westminster have made a complete mess of Brexit. This mess now threatens to devastate our economy, destroy the future hopes of residents, as well as damage our public services and communities in Chelsea & Fulham. It is vital that we have a Remain MP who fights to stop Brexit and supports a People’s Vote.

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