Tactical voting website www.tactical.vote recommends that Labour is best placed to beat the Conservatives in Chelsea & Fulham.

Labour will give the country a Final Say on Brexit with Remain on the ballot – the route to remaining in the EU is through Labour and Matt Uberoi will campaign to Remain

Labour will also properly fund the NHS and social care, build 150,000 social and affordable homes per year, reverse cuts to school funding, create 1 million new jobs through our Green Industrial Revolution and scrap the Liberal Democrats £9,000 per year tuition fees.

Why is Labour best placed to win in this constituency?

In 2017 the result in Chelsea and Fulham had the Liberal Democrats on a distant third:

  • Conservatives 52.6% (22,179 votes)
  • Labour 33.2% (13,991 votes)
  • Lib Dem 11% (4,627 votes)

Labour just needs to overturn an 8,000 majority to win in Chelsea and Fulham. That is possible! Labour won in Battersea and next door in in Kensington in 2017 by overturning similar majorities.

The Lib Dems were a distant third place and 18,000 votes behind the Conservatives here in 2017.  It would be extremely difficult for them to go from third to winning this seat. Voting for the Lib Dems will split the anti-Conservative vote and result in Greg Hands being re-elected. Vote Lib Dem – get Conservative.

The Lib Dems don’t have anyone else elected in this constituency – they don’t have any councillors in Chelsea and Fulham.  Matt Uberoi was elected as a Labour councillor in Fulham last year in a ward previously held by the Conservative for 17 years. He is a councillor on Labour run Hammersmith and Fulham council.

The two main polls being quoted by the Lib Dems in this constituency were conducted weeks ago: 14-21 November (Deltapoll) and 20-26 November (YouGov). Since then the public mood has been turning against the Liberal Democrats – they’ve been on a downward trend in national polls (from 16% to 12%).

Some have been referring to European Election poll data as a guide to what will happen this election. The European Elections are completely different to General Elections.  If European Elections results were a guide to General Elections, then the Conservatives would currently be on 9% of the vote and Nigel Farage would have won the 2015 General Election.

This is a two-horse race between the Conservatives and Labour.  If the Tories win a majority on Thursday, we will be leaving the EU at the end of January – and getting No Deal 11 months later. So, don’t split the vote: Vote for Labour and Matt Uberoi and let’s unseat the Conservative Brexiter Greg Hands.